Elizabeth A.Gray, DVM


Dr. Elizabeth Gray is originally from western Kentucky, where the rest of her family still lives. She graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. After graduation she worked in Lumberton with both small and large animals. In 1999, she started working at HMRAH. Then in 2001 moved to Greenville, NC. Fall of 2008 she was destined and happy to return to HMRAH. She has a son in grade school. Together they have a house with a variety of pets. Dr. Gray is enthralled with scuba diving and can be found underwater at every available opportunity. Dr. Gray is still fascinated with the wide assortment of medical and surgical cases seen on a daily basis here in our clinic.

Melanie J. Silvious, D.V.M.


Dr. Melanie Silvious is  graduate of NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  We we fortunate to have her join us right after graduation and to have her practice at our hospital for 5 years.  Dr. Silvious then took positions closer to her home for a few years. Low and behold, just like Dr. Gray, fortune brought her back to her HMRAH family in August of 2014.  We were estatic!  Dr. Silvious also enjoys the scuba, and she commutes to us once again from Harnett County!  We are very happy to have her back on staff.



Business Manager

Barbara has been with HMRAH as the Business Manager since 1996. She moved to Fayetteville from Key West, Florida in 1989 and has been working in the Veterinary Management Field since that time. She finds working closely with clients and their pets very rewarding and could not imagine spending her workdays anywhere else. When not behind the front desk at the clinic she enjoys time spent at the beach.


Office Manager

Melody has been working in the veterinary field since 1986. First in Maryland, then 1 year at Animal Urgent Care, and finally here at HMRAH (since 1992). She has served in several capacities – kennel attendent, veterinary assistant, receptionist, and office manager. Melody is always ready to chip in in any area of the practice. She is pleased and willing to share her knowledge and expertise with both our staff and our clients. She and her husband, Brian, have both dogs and cats at home.



Lara began working at HMRAH as a Veterinary Assistant from 1995-2006. She started her own business and worked with that for a few years, and now began working back at HMRAH in June 2011 as a receptionist. She has two boxers name Jack and Jill, and she was born in Augusta, Maine.

Shannon H. 


Shannon joined our staff in 2015.  She is “married to the military” and has worked in veterinary hospitals before in different capacities, just like Melody and Lara.  She has been a wonderful addition to our front desk support staff!



Robin was born and raised in Parkton, NC. It has been her life-long dream to work in an animal related field. Her love for animals has brought her to HMRAH to work as a receptionist. She is new to the veterinary field, but she has worked as a receptionist at prior jobs. 





Veterinary Assistant 

Sam has been working here at HMRAH for over 10 years now, and she has 2 dogs and 3 cats.  Samantha is our primary surgery assistant and senior veterinary  assistant.


Veterinary Assistant/Part-Time Weekend Kennel Assistant 

Dorothy was born and raised in North Carolina. She started working at HMRAH in August, 2011 as weekend kennel technician, graduated to full-time kennel tech and has stepped up as of 2014 to become a valued veterinary assistant and surgery assistant.  


Veterinary Assistant

Cheyenne joined our staff in 2015.  She is a veteran of the U.S. Army. 

Shannon L.

Veterinary Assistant  




Karen has been working here at HMRAH since 1998.  She enjoys grooming the pets that come here to see her.  Karen is often able to work with difficult dogs that other groomers could not.  Karen also loves looking after the animals that stay for boarding.  When Karen is not at work, she loves to be in the woods, hiking, kayaking, camping, and rock and fossil hunting.  She is usually found in the garden at home, because of her love of plants.


Kennel Assistant/Bather

Gretta has been here at HMRAH for over 8 years now. She has one dog named Pete and 2 children. She enjoys working with animals and the animals adore her.   We suspect that she hides treats in her pockets!


Kennel Assistant/Bather


Part-Time Weekend Kennel Assistant  

Bonnie (1998-2017)

>Clinic Cat